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As the planet degrades on a yearly basis, we here at Blue Bay Solutions are working to provide people with a means to take control and do their part in reversing the damage.
From eco-friendly products, ways to save our vanishing wildlife and new initiatives to help educate people of managing our dwindling resources, we hope to share with you the best of what is out there.
Among the things we hope to share are some of the best eco-friendly initiatives, wildlife conservation initiatives and more.
Included will be leaders in captive breeding mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and fish, including rare and endangered species.
We highlight the magnificent work being done by leaders in science and technology as they do their part to solve the planet's problems.
We also point out some of the problems and people causing them, so that others can be aware of the grave problems facing our planet.
Check back here regularly as we show new people, places, events and initiatives trying to reverse the damage humans have caused in recent years and to make the planet a better place for future generations.

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