Reptile Party puts wildlife conservation back on kids agenda!

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Modern kids have a lot of diversions to deal with.
Gone are the days when they were sent outdoors to play sport.
Now they have computers to play on, mobile phones, countless games and aps, all sorts of other gadgets and the internet widens their options and choices.
Not being outdoors means more and more kids are simply not getting the chance to see or interact with wild animals.
A downside of all this is that modern kids often have little interest in wildife or their conservation.
Counter to all this was the invention of the Reptile Party!
Created by wildlife expert Raymond Hoser, better known as the Snakeman, Reptile parties allow kids to hold the animals and get close and intimate with all kinds of animals.

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Derided by critics as having zero educational value, including in a protracted court battle that lasted ten years, Raymond Hoser stuck to his guns and persisted with the concept.
Eventually the three judges at the highest court in Victoria, Australia accepted the evidence of school teachers who said that the mere act of holding an animal has educational value.
You see the people against Hoser argued that everything Hoser said and did was wrong and therefore could not possibly be educational.
To support their claims they held up Raymond Hoser's best selling books Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption-2 pointing out that the books were complete and utter rubbish.
After all, everyone knows that there has never been any police corruption in Victoria, there is none and there never will be and the any police corruption in Victoria is a physical impossibility!
The mere thought there may be police corruption among any of the 15K police officers in the state should of course be regarded as criminal delusion, which is exactly why Raymond Hoser was put in jail for writing the books!
So at the reptile party, Raymond Hoser doesn't tell the kids all that much.
So long as the kids hold the animals and they are not hurt or injured, he really doesn't care what, if anything he tells the kids.
Kids already know not to go near a snake in the bush.
After all, to interfere with wildlife attracts a 110K fine and/or 10 years jail in Victoria ... per offence and because the State Government is so fantastic, they have already educated everyone of this fact by age 3, so Raymond Hoser does not need to tell people what they already know.

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Kids hold the animals at the reptile parties. If and when they mistreat the animals, the animals simply defecate on the kids which alerts Raymond to take them from the kids.
It is really simple!
If a kid gets bitten, they won't die.
This is because all the animals are non-venomous.
Raymond may offer mouth to mouth to any takers, but so far in over 30 years of doing reptile parties, no one's taken him up on the offer.
The reptiles don't carry covid-19 or any other kind of coronavirus as they are heavily doped up with Ivermectin to guard against those evil reptile mites that infest reptile collections of people who fail to look after their reptiles, the Melbourne Zoo, which breeds mites on a commercial scale as well as a few rotten pet shops in various parts of Melbourne.
In 2021, a series of peer reviewed scientific papers reported on syudies that found Ivermectin was the most effective treatment for Covid-19, both as a preventative and treatment.
Problem was that by the time this information came to light, most western governments, including Australia's, had done binding deals with a few pharmaceutical companies to buy millions of doses of their vaccines and so the Ivermectin cure has been kept out of most of the western media.
The Reptile Party crew regularly get covid-tested, but not to stay safe from Covid, but rather because it is currently a requirement to get a positive or negative covid text before one is allowed to visit a ski resort, where if you are lucky, you may get bashed or robbed by some Victorian Copper unable to find a protestor to bash.
So not only is a reptile party great for raising kids awareness of wildlife and conservation, it also is low risk in terms of you or your children catching a dose of coronoavirus and dying as well.
Now how many other kids party themes in Melbourne or Victoria are as educational or safe as a reptile birthday party?

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